Update from the HCGOP Chair, Merry Guy

January 14th, 2021

The political rhetoric in local news and social media continues to be sensational and relentless.  This distraction is dished up to divide and redirect the attention of conservatives and patriots away from the real issues at hand. 

Every conservative and Republican voter in this county and state needs to stay focused on what is important.  We are witnessing unprecedented censorship and collusion to violate anti-trust laws.  1000’s of incidents of suspected voter fraud have been documented along with illegal elections in several states in addition to statistical anomalies.  Powerful interests in DC have stamped out all efforts to investigate these travesties.  Serious concerns exist regarding the integrity of the DOJ and FBI as clear evidence still has not produced indictments of Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, James Comey and myriads of others.  We have a governor who has imposed draconian shutdowns, mandates, and overreach for 10 months now, with no end in sight. These are the things the Republican Party needs to be concerned about and the things our elected officials need to be fighting and exposing. 

In an ideal world all Republican elected officials would support their fellow Republicans, but from time to time disagreements arise.  It is the position of the Henderson County Republican Party to let the candidates work through their differences as individuals.  We will continue to monitor the legislative action and policy position as part of the accountability of each elected official.  We will also work closely with our Republican elected officials to give feedback and guidance from the Constituents.   

The Republican Party continues to support our elected officials.  I applaud Madison’s recent votes in support of election integrity.  We are excited about the committee assignments given our local NC Reps and NC Sen.  We will remain focused on the important task ahead of getting good conservative Republicans elected in future elections and building up our conservative community.

Best Regards,

Merry Guy, Chair HCGOP