The Democrat majority on the N.C. Supreme Court delayed the primary for 2022 elections. In doing so, someone on the court also delayed the primary election for Democrat Justice Sam Ervin's Supreme Court seat, forcing two Republicans to battle for much longer.

But that's not all. See the talking points below for more concerning details of this very convenient development for Democrat Ervin re-election campaign.

  • The Democrat-led Supreme Court also indefinitely suspended filing for Ervin's Supreme Court seat

    • Only one Supreme Court Justice (Ervin) is running for re-election.

    • Ervin won't say whether he participated in the decision to suspend filing and delay the primary for his own seat.

  • Justice Ervin's campaign materially benefited from the court's decision.

    • Two Republicans filed to run against Justice Ervin.

    • They must now spend two additional months spending money and battling one another, while Ervin is temporarily protected from a primary challenge.

  • No Democratic primary challenger can formally begin a campaign against Justice Ervin until the court reopens candidate filing.

    • Nobody knows how long the suspension of filing will last.

  • Sen. Amy Galey (R-Alamance) said, "Voters deserve to know whether Justice Ervin used his power as a Supreme Court justice to change state law in a way that benefits his own re-election campaign. Silence is unacceptable."

  • Chris Cooper, a political science professor at Western Carolina University, recently explained how the primary election dynamic benefits the Democratic candidate:

    • "You’d rather not have a competitive primary given the choice, and the fact that [the Democrat] is going to be able to spend the next few months raising money and not responding to attacks is a good day [for that candidate] and a good day for the Democratic Party."

    • This applies to the US Senate primary elections, to which Cooper was speaking, AND the Supreme Court race for Ervin's seat.

  • How low will Democrats go to protect power? 

    • The importance of judicial races and recapturing a majority on the N.C. Supreme Court could not be more clear.

    • Conservative judges uphold the Rule of Law to which our governing bodies must adhere.

    • If Democrat jurists are allowed to continue exploiting courts for partisan political gain, the Rule of Law may be threatened permanently.