2019 – Here We Come!

Happy New Year to All!


This is the time of year we often look back at successes or look forward to such.  Politically, this last year has been a year of mixed success.  County wide, we won our NC General Assembly and House Seat overwhelmingly!  Thank-You!!

Nationally, we lost the House, but not by as much as history would predict.  We picked up seats in the Senate, but not enough to own it.  (No party owns it – still.)

What does this mean for Republicans?  More importantly, what does this means for America?  The Republican Platform drives elected Republicans to support border security, lower taxes, less regulation, religious freedom, right to life for the unborn, 2nd amendment rights for all of us, better treatment of our Veterans, energy independence, rational environmental policies, sound economic policies, personal freedom, limited government and so much more.   Most Americans support these positions, but don’t understand they represent the Republican Platform.  Our challenge this year will be to help educate folks who don’t yet associate these positive policies with our Party.

Our work for 2020 is starting now!  We need to hold the White House in 2020 and keep our Republican county strong while helping other counties wherever possible.  We have an NC Senate race in 2020, and we need to make sure that race sends a solid, conservative Republican to the Senate.   All of this will take many volunteers to get out the right vote and educate our friends, families and neighbors regarding what the Republican Party stands for.

Please join our Henderson County Republican Party this year and help us get ready for our most important election ever – 2020!

For more information on how to get involved call:  828-693-6040

Merry Guy, Chair HCGOP